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Providing free services and working with local businesses is a great way for limo hire companies to get their name out there, help their community and build up their network, not to mention get their entire limousine fleet out on the road. However, the driver of a free limousine shuttle around bars in California should have been checked out a little more thoroughly for the job first, even if it was just a free service.

The driver was to travel between three local bars however, Michelle Denise Hulse was arrested on her first day under suspicion of driving without a license and for possession of methamphetamine earlier this month. The owners of the three bars serviced by the shuttle hire the limousine to provide a free, safe way for their customers to get home.

The owner of the limousine hire company says it was her first night of work and that Michelle had signed a paper stating she had a valid license. Michelle had also been drug tested before her first shift, but the results of the test were to take a few days to come back from the lab, and the standard checks on her driving record would have been conducted the following week.

Understandably horrified at the results of her new employees first run, the owner of the limo hire company was to have done the run herself that night; at the last minute she was unable to work the free shuttle run and had to call in Hulse to do the shift. The owner of the limo hire company was of course worried for the customers of the bars who have come to rely on her shuttle services, but was glad that the truth about her new employee came out during her first shift, averting a possibly worse disaster.

Taken to the police station, Hulse was also found to be in possession of methamphetamine and its related paraphernalia, confirming that yes, a worse disaster probably wasn't far away.

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