Limo Hire Belfast

Welcome to Limo Hire Belfast, the leading limo rental company offering limousine hire services in Belfast and Northern Ireland. If you live in Ireland or if you are heading over there for a holiday, you probably intend to regularly enjoy the hospitality of the local publicans. However, there is a difference between going down to your local after work to unwind and going on a true pub tour of Ireland and if you are going to explore the national treasures of the island, make sure you do it properly.

Belfast Pub Tours can organise tours of Belfast's most famous and historic pubs. On the tour you will learn about how these pubs contribute to the area's history, culture and community life. However, as with any tour of a pub, guided or otherwise, you need to make sure you can get home, or back to your hotel room safely. Therefore, make sure you hire a limousine to pick you up at the end of the tour after you have tasted your way through Irish history.

Now that you have your designated driver organised, you can enjoy the history and the refreshments of Belfast's pubs. The tour covers six pubs and begins at the Crown Liquor Saloon. The pub tour will last for two hours, during which time you can sit back and relax, enjoying the hospitality of Belfast and get to know the locals and their history over the national drink, a pint of Guinness.

As the tour draws to a close, you may decide to kick on at one of your favourite pubs from the tour, or take the recommendations from some of the locals you met about other pubs and historical sites which should have been on the tour. However, whether you decide to enjoy a few more drinks or make your way home, your limousine chauffeur will be waiting to get you there safely.