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A limousine airport transfer is supposed to be a smooth and relaxing transition back into your routine, however, one chauffeur meeting a passenger at Heathrow airport last month was unable to service his customers when he was carjacked. The chauffeur who was waiting at the airport was just about to leave his limousine to meet his passenger when he heard a noise from the rear of his vehicle.

One of the carjackers had struck the back of his Mercedes S-Class limousine to draw the chauffeur from the driver's seat. As the chauffeur was dealing with the man at the rear of his limousine, a second carjacker jumped into the driver's seat and started to drive away in the limousine. The chauffeur tried to stop the carjackers and was dragged a short way before losing his grip, but not before suffering minor injuries.

The chauffeur is now currently unable to work because of his injuries, even though his limousine later turned up as part of a police chase, however it was crashed into a brick wall in West London.

The chauffeur is a member of the GMB Professional Drivers Branch and the Secretary, Terence Flanagan reminds us that the attack comes just days after the GMB warned of the increasing violence against professional drivers from the public. The GMB wants to see everyone in the limousine and professional hire industries to take action to minimise avoidable risks. This includes calling for CCTV in limousines and in areas where limousines wait for their passengers.

The GMB also called for insurance companies specialising in limousine and chauffeur insurance to ensure that their policies covered chauffeurs for the full damages which can occur and damage their livelihood.

While limo hire companies make sure they know where their chauffeurs are going and when they are to be expected at each stop so that they know if something is wrong or there has been an altercation with their passengers, the danger is now coming from outside of the limousine as well.