Massage and Airflow in Your Limousine

Massage and Airflow in Your Limousine

Part of the reason you hire a limousine for an airport transfer, or to get you to an important business meeting, is so that you arrive neat and clean, not having to worry about sticky things your kids might have smeared into your car seats, and not having to work creases out of your suit because you were cramped behind the wheel.

Well, Volvo have outdone themselves in the arriving fresh and refreshed' department as not only do their new 2009 S80 and XC90 Executive models have massages in their seats, they also have in-built ventilation. While these options are only in the front seats of the new Volvos, they are likely to be something your chauffeur will appreciate and something which will keep them fresh and refreshed while attending to your needs.

However, luxury car and limousine manufacturers might like to take a leaf or two from the books of Volvo and incorporate air pockets in the back seats of their new models. The Volvo's massage seats inflate and deflate the air pockets within to offer a wave like motion to work on the lower back and smooth away feelings of tiredness and stiffness which can occur from long periods behind the wheel. The built in ventilation then also keeps your body and clothing fresh.

Many people hire a limousine to help them relax, or because they want to arrive to their destination relaxed. This may be an important business meeting, a job interview or just a trip to the day spa to get them away from their everyday life. Whatever the reason, having a massaging and refreshing limousine passenger seat is the perfect addition to any luxury limousine and something which would be utilised by busy business people, nervous brides or grieving wives.

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