Limo Publicity

Publicity stunts come in all shapes and sizes and in the limousine industry, some limo hire companies take the saying there's no such thing as bad publicity' to heart. When the investor in a Burlington limo hire company hired a 65 foot long limousine for his parent's 52 wedding anniversary, he may have just been securing his investment.

A 65 foot long limousine is not something you see every day and when it pulled up outside of the Harbour Inn Seafood restaurant patrons and passersby were stunned. While the owner of the limousine has a fleet of 21 other luxury cars, the 65 footer is his most unique. Divided into two parts, the front of the limo can seat 12, making it much like any other stretch limo, but in the back you can transport a whopping 38 people!

However, only 17 passengers may the trip for the wedding anniversary celebrations so they would have had the five mirrored bars, seven colour TVs, two VCRs two sunroofs, 42 inch Plasma TV stereo system DVD player, 16 speakers, laser lights and fish tanks quite evenly distributed. Not to mention the use of the smoke machine, a mirrored ceiling the ultimate party bus is surprisingly not unique.

As the longest street legal limousine in the world, Republican Congressman Ron Paul, a 2008 presidential candidate has his own 65 foot limousine which he has been using to draw attention to his campaign. The Congressman cruised across Denver in February in his limousine and even if no one remembers him at voting time, they're sure to remember his limo.

Of course the longest street legal limo does have a few manoeuvrability issues and the anniversary party was followed by another driver, to slow traffic and allow enough room for tight turns.

While a fifty seater limousine may seem a little cavernous for your special night out, we can find you the perfect limousine to draw just the amount of attention you want at Limo Hire Belfast. After all, you don't want people on the street asking to poke their heads in on your special limo ride do you?