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Recently a limousine company in California has been found to be employing a driver for their free shuttle between the local pubs, who has past convictions for meth, had it found in her possession, and was without a license.

The Californian town where all of this took place is actually a very small, very quiet and very conservative town, and the story was broken and written by a freelance journalist who is new to the area and eager to make a name for herself. When the limousine company wanted to start up this shuttle service, the city founders wanted to block it.

The area is so conservative that they thought that their local bars providing a free lift home for their customers was promoting drinking and they wanted none of it. Needless to say the service went ahead and allowed the service as each bar visited by the limousine shuttle would pay a share of the cost.

While the limousine hire company was blocked, it persisted and set up their service anyway, however, in the process the conservative town and its officers may have been overzealous. However, being such a small town it is easy to see how a drug test could take several days to come back, so too for a license to be verified.

A small limo hire company in a small town will also have its hands tied if one of their chauffeurs is unable to complete a run. In trying to ensure the safety of her passengers and not cancelling the bar shuttle when she couldn't drive it, the owner of the limo hire company instead made a bad decision, and as a result put her passengers in the same danger.

While small towns tend to be trusting, a limo hire company which doesn't even site their chauffeur's license but instead has them sign a declaration stating their license is valid is not doing everything they can to ensure the safety of their passengers.

Small town limo hire companies have the same responsibilities as those in the larger towns with access to more prompt background checks. While the story may have been written with a harsh tone and the town may not have wanted the limo hire company to succeed in the first place, they still dropped the ball.

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